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‘Charms has enabled me within my Monitoring Outcomes role, to track a child’s journey and highlight where significant improvements have been made since being looked after by our agency. But equally what we can do to improve outcomes for young people. The database has fantastic reporting systems built in providing statistical information to support my job role and reduce my workload enabling me to focus on monitoring and improving outcomes.’

Janice Nunn, Monitoring Officer , Xcel 2000 Fostercare Services

TLC (Wales) Independent Fostering

'The CHARMS database fits in with our practice on a day to day basis. Staff reported that CHARMS support team is always very helpful and prompt to respond to queries and issues whenever they arise. They are very knowledgeable and courteous. The database itself is easy to use and can be tailored to our needs. Our Accounts Manager is always at hand to discuss any development queries etc. and suggestions on how we can improve on keeping our data secure and up to date.'

Dominique Kent, Office Manager, TLC Wales Fostering Ltd

Independent Foster Care Services Wales (IFCS) (NFG)

‘we are very pleased with the CHARMS system and the support we receive from the team‘

Gail Tobin, Service Manager, IFCS Wales

Tree House Care

‘CHARMS has changed our business and the service we provide, and in every respect for the better. No more endless trawling through paper files -I am able to put my finger on the information I need at the touch of a button. It helps everyone to be proactive and identify issues before they become big problems. Having CHARMS means we are better prepared for an OFSTED Inspection than ever before and that is incredibly reassuring. It really does free up staff to do what they do best -supporting foster carers and children…..and they love CHARMS for that. Working with Social Care Network is excellent-it’s a real partnership and when there are problems the service desk is prompt and reliable. They are great problem solvers.’

Hugh Mellett, Director Of Operations, Tree House Care

Capstone Foster Care

‘Charms is an easy and safe way to record and maintain data and supports us in being able to monitor agency performance and improve our practice. Charms being online makes our data accessible from any location whilst maintaining data security. The team are always available to take our calls and are keen to hear about our development suggestions to further improve the efficiency, effectiveness and user friendliness of Charms. Thank you to the SCN team!’

Ioanna Theodoulou, Quality Assurance Manager, Capstone Foster Care Ltd

Fostering Solutions North West (NFG)

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