New CHARMS™ Customer - Connect Stars

News ID: 715

A very warm welcome to our newest CHARMS™ customer, London-based Connect Stars.
"Connect Stars strives to become a leading household organisation in which young people can access safe space, to be creative, active and responsive in their communities."
To find out more about the fantastic work they do, please visit


New CHARMS™ Customer - Vital Support Ltd

News ID: 713

Welcome to our newest CHARMS™ customer, Vital Support Ltd.
Bristol-based Vital Support Ltd provides accommodation designed to aid and support young people who may have specific needs or require help to live independently. To find out more about their services please visit their website


New CHARMS™ Customer - Rising Stars Fostering

News ID: 711

Welcome to our newest CHARMS™ customer, Rising Stars Fostering.
Founded in 2019, Rising Stars Fostering are a family-run independent fostering agency based in Ilford, Essex. To find out more about their service please visit


New CHARMS™ Customer - Emmaculate Care Services

News ID: 712

Welcome to our latest CHARMS™ Customer, Emmaculate Care Services.
Emmaculate Care Services is an independent healthcare provider based in Leicester. For more information on the various services they offer please visit