Social Care Network Solutions, the makers of Charms™, have been inspiring change and excellence in adoption and fostering for over twenty years. We work tirelessly with child welfare authorities, private agencies, foster parents and adopters to improve the safety, care and welfare of vulnerable children from every walk of life.

Charms™ is an application designed for the child welfare community and enriched by the child welfare community. Every stakeholder has access to Charms™ - foster parents, birth families, extended family members, social workers and the children and young people themselves. Charms™ is there to make sure that the whole process is completed as safely and securely as possible and that carers and professionals alike are sure that children are kept safe at all times.

Taking care of children and monitoring their safety has never been easier than when using Charms™ - we have a commitment to maintain the highest standards of data security, ethics, professionalism and business conduct in all that we do. This means making Charms™ the best possible tool it can be to keep children safe and protected from harm, to support children living in loving homes, and helping children and foster parents thrive in their communities.

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For more than 20 years Charms™ has been used by children's services in the UK and Ireland to enable safe record keeping and to allow all stakeholders secure access to sensitive information for those that need it, when they need it.

Charms™ is used by more than 80% of independent fostering and adoption agencies in the UK and Ireland. Some 45,000 active users benefit from the use of Charms™ every single minute of every single day.

Commissioning authorities, with the same responsibilities as state authorities in the USA, have full access to cost-effective Charms™ tools to allow them to see how children for whom they are responsible are progressing under the care of independent agencies. Everyone involved in the care of children knows, at all times, what each child's outcomes are.

Social Care Network Solutions (USA) LLP is now established in Phoenix, Arizona and we can offer the full child welfare case management and reporting system at a fraction of the cost of other systems.

Social Care Network Solutions (USA) LLP can offer this because we are a not for profit agency, employing local Phoenix staff and our people, in the UK and USA, are committed to helping the child welfare community in their efforts to provide the best care for children and young people.

Care agencies keep up-to-date records in Charms™ - of children, foster parents and adopters along with case notes recorded by social workers. Charms™ has full, end to end security and encryption, and all of those involved in children's care have real time access which gives adopters, foster parents, social workers, Department Of Child Safety officers and all other professionals the ability to communicate with each other for the benefit of children in their care.

Charms™ is accessible anywhere you need it.

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