CHARMS - Post Adoption Support Software

Post Adoption Support and Birth Records Counselling.

  • CHARMS-PostAdoption allows recording of Referrals and progress through the system; including enquiry received, recorded on system, file requested…
  • CHARMS-PostAdoption monitors requests for files/information from other Authorities if a child had been placed elsewhere.
  • Likewise, other agencies may ask for files from your agency and these requests will be recorded.

Movement of paper files.

  • CHARMS-PostAdoption includes facilities to record all file movements and to search on a range of parameters and find where a file currently is and what its history of movements have been.

All paperwork to be scanned in and associated with records.

  • CHARMS-PostAdoption enables marking of essential documents for printing or otherwise passing on to other authorities.

If a child is place before 1975 then enquiries have to be made of the General Register Office and details recorded.

  • CHARMS logs all requests made of the General Register Office

Since 2005 relatives may seek information about adopted children.

  • CHARMS-PostAdoption may store details of the requests and associated actions.

A record of all Adoption Support Plans for each child is maintained. They are reviewed annually.

  • CHARMS-PostAdoption includes a new Adoption Support Plan screen in which the key actions may be recorded.


  • Monthly statistics are produced of Referrals and Closed Referrals.